Clear & Concise - Hammerton language services


Services offered

Help is given for a wide variety of general, scientific and technical documents; including academic papers, conference presentations, theses, grant applications, job applications and reports.

About the company

The company was founded by Russell Hammerton. Its name comes from his conviction that good English is clear and concise. His aim is to help you present your work in clear and correct English. Russell is an experienced, well-qualified native English speaker. See Competence.

The company is registered with the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Companies Registration Office.


Linguistic background

Russell grew up in the United Kingdom and moved to Sweden in 1991. English is his mother tongue. He has a strong interest in languages and speaks Swedish fluently.

Key qualifications

Experience of scientific and technical writing

Russell has written scientific articles that have been published in peer-reviewed, international journals, written theses (both PhD and MSc) and co-authored a chapter in a methods book for plant science research. This experience has given him familiarity with writing on technically complex subjects in a clear, comprehensible language that meets the stringent standards of a review board.

Experience of proofreading and translation

Since moving to Sweden, Russell has proofread articles, grant applications, job applications and documents on a wide range of subjects. He has also translated documents, scientific articles and promotional materials. This experience has developed his skills at helping others to express their work in English, at a native-speaker level.


Russell Hammerton